Wizard AI for document driven support
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We thought of extending an AI chatbot with a knowledge base to empower businesses. So your employees can chat with the business knowledge base or the customer with support knowledge. We facilitate this connection, the business is in control of what is uploaded and can be used in the smitty-bot.

This can be used for the following:

  • Training (new) employees
  • Supporting the employees in their day-to-day work , having easy acces to chat about business specific or department specific things.
  • Product information for customers or employees

You can upload documents in the knowledge base. Make multiple smitty bots with different knowledge bases. Each smitty-bot has the ability to be integrated in a website or intranet or be used in Slack. There is no need for programming, just uploading documents that can be used for the chat. A low-code chatbot.

We use mana as our pricing. We are transparant in how much mana a file and question costs. There is a dashboard for this. You get a trial with free mana from us. You can buy more mana in the software to continue. And you'll get a email when the mana runs low.

We support GPT3 and GPT4 at this moment, where you can choose the model when creating the smitty-bot. GPT4 is more expensive to use and not always necessary. AI Claude and other models are also in our planning to integrate within the future. Chat history is saved with users so you can see what happens in the chatbot. Important to review and make changes in the documents.
Easy acces and testing capabilities to test the chatbot before releasing it to the company.

Coming soon:

  • Slack integration will come very soon, we are waiting to be approved
  • Teams integration
  • Subscriptions
  • AI Claude integration, which you can choose the model for the Smitty bot between GPT 3 / GPT4 or Claude.
  • Own API key can be used
  • On premise install

Smitty bot modifications When the smitty bot isn't responding in a correct way, just modify your document or add a new document to add data and upload it. The second time asking the same question will result in a more accurate answer.

Want to know more? Want to try this out? We offer a free trial. Do you have any questions? Just ask us :) screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

New website and integration smitty-bot on it

11 months, 3 weeks ago | By

We launched a new website and integrated our smitty-bot on it for support.

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