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Boost email conversions with interactive AMP emails
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As a marketer, we know how tricky and painful email conversions can get. So I was desperately looking for ways to improve it. That is when we came across AMP Email, which renders dynamic elements within emails. However, using AMP emails is not easy for a marketer. This encounter set us on a journey.

With Mailmodo we have tried to create a complete kit for email marketers to skyrocket their email conversions. You can create and send app-like interactive emails with Mailmodo’s coding-free, drag-n-drop email editor. This not only engages your users better but also cuts down on all redirections like moving from one webpage to another. This makes your users' journey easy as they can take action within the email itself in turn giving you a higher conversion rate.

Mailmodo also comes built-in with features like:

  • Email Automation
  • User Journey Creation
  • Auto-trigger Schedule,
  • API integration within the email content
  • Integration with marketing tools and CRMs (Hubspot, Zapier, WebHooks, Calendly, etc.)

At present, we have test-run many AMP email campaigns. The conversions with AMP Email are almost 3x times that of an HTML campaign. We have collected some of these stories on our case-study page. I would appreciate it if you can share your thoughts, feedback, and comments here. This will help us to further develop this tool to help you with your email conversions.

Featured on May 12, 2023 SaaS Startups Marketing Email Marketing Email Software